in addition to our PMO Consulting and advisory services, we provide PMO training courses to train businesses and their leaders to enable success in their organisation. We design, develop and conduct customised training courses to improve portfolio, program and project management offices skills.

Our coaching service is embedded into our operational and execution delivery line.

As PMO is a centre of excellence we also provide mentoring services to upskill business and project managers practitioners to achieve strategic goals.

Our PMO Training courses :

  1. PMO Certified Practitioner (PMO-CP) to Project management offices, Program Management Offices (PgMO) and Portfolio Management Offices (PfMO) professionals to deliver more value to your business.
  2. Requirements management and problem solving techniques for PMO to PMO, PgMO and PfMO professionals to learn the tools and techniques of understanding business requirements better and provide integrated, innovative and appropriate solutions

Soft skills for PMO

  1. Facilitation, Presentation and Communication for PMO. This PMO course is a joint training with PaulTelling to improve PMO professional's soft skills and help to make PMO a fun place to work !

PMO Training, coaching and mentoring services provide you these measurable benefits:

  1. As our trainings are interactive and focused on team working, we improve communications within or across teams
  2. Improvement in job satisfaction and reduction in employee turnover. 
  3. By advancing project managers and PMOs you will continue to move forward and remain competitive within the marketplace by meeting your business objectives
  4. Project managers and PMOs maintain knowledge and skills and impart skills onto current and new starters
  5. Our bespoke trainings save your time and money upskilling your team to deliver their job. We customise our trainings based on your requirements, and priorities

 Our training delivering method is :

  1. Public training : The courses that we will plan within 6 month and you can register through our website. 
  2. Customised training: As each individual business has its own language, requirements and priorities we deliver training modules directly to you, either in your office or online. 
  3. Skill set training: This is designed specially for PMO staff to develop their skills in delivering positive services to their business. This is specifically developed by PMO Solutions and delivered within your office or public.

We will celebrate and launch our training courses on June 2018. For more information on our PMO training courses, please notify us via the PMO training courses expression of interest .