The intention of this service is to help your company understand its business requirements, manage its expectations and coordinate innovations. We help business PMO to define and deliver expected values.

The primary service scope here includes:

1.     Portfolio, program and project management office services and solutions; and

2.     Business analytics solutions and technology

PMO Solutions assesses all facets of a project to establish the right content for its targeted user outputs.

Our PMO advisory services includes :

  1. Project Portfolio Management assessment

  2. Portfolio, program management process improvement

  3. Portfolio, program and project reporting and analysis

  4. Portfolio, program and projects improvement execution

    • Establishment of governance policies

    • Alignment of portfolio decisions to strategic business goals

    • Portfolio and program prioritisation and selection

    • Review board facilitation

    • Performance management

    • Enterprise portfolio management tool selection and implementation

    • Process and governance adoption and change management


PMO advisory services provides you with measurable benefits:

  1. Define and develop your PMO Services based on what business needs and wants

  2. Improves your visibility across project portfolio for better decision making

  3. Fit your processes and governance for purpose

  4. Fill the gap between your business and technology to save time and money delivering projects and increase Information reliability

  5. Improve your project management processes and methodology

  6. Better clarity on business requirements and analytics

  7. Improve forecasting and optimising the use of available resources

  8. Well-defined information gathering and analysis structure for project portfolio, programs reporting

  9. Connect your PMO team to global PMO community


PMO Solutions' delivery method is based on our PMO framework and PMO Value Ring Methodology which help to cover all aspects of your business and define value with stakeholder expectation focus.

Our method in delivering this service is based on lean framework, creating greater value for customers with fewer discrepancies in time, cost and resources. We focus on the key problems and engage with business stakeholders to identify the problems then establish solutions to implement.

To schedule your initial free PMO consultation, please get in touch via the contact us.