This course co-facilitated by both Paul Telling and PMO Solutions to improve PMO professional's soft skills that drive a fun, inclusive and productive workplace. 

Duration: 2 Days

Costs and Options:

What's included in the packages The Full Monty
Fit for Purpose
Bare Essentials
2 days of face-to-face training
Training manuals Y Y Y
Your first training/workshop review Y Y
2-months of coaching and support Y Y
Long term reference books Y Y
Video for self-evaluation of your course presentations Y

Who this course is for:

PMO Managers, PMO leaders, PMO team members, Project, Program and Portfolio Managers, Business Analysts and anyone who wants to be ready for future to learn how to conduct an efficient and effective workshop, training session or presentation.

What you will learn:

  1. How to plan, develop and manage workshops and training

  2. How to design workshops (interactive, lecturing, activity etc;)

  3. How to facilitate workshops, training or meetings through visual scribing, active listening, speed thinking and how to lead the communications 

  4. How to communicate as PMO professional: top-down and bottom up communication, strategic thinking, resilience management and stakeholders analysis

  5. How to see the big picture

  6. How to create, develop and deliver presentations

Why Facilitation, Communication and Presentation Training:

  1. Communication is the heart of every organisation. Everything you do in the workplace results from communication.

  2. An efficient and effective workshop/meeting or training, results stronger decision-making and problem-solving

  3. Facilitation is essential to successful team and group work. That means it is also critical to organisational success, especially given the presence of conflict in organisations

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