Duration: 1 Day

Cost: $1,147.30

Your Experience:

Who this course is for:

PMO leaders, PMO members and Project Managers who want to learn how to make a PMO generate perceived value for an organisation .

What you will learn:

  1. A step by step approach to define your PMO

  2. How to gather your stakeholders expectations

  3. How to generate a mix of functions to meet stakeholder expectations

  4. How to define your PMO processes

  5. How to assess your PMO resource’s competencies

  6. How to assess your PMO Maturity Level and to plan its evolution

  7. How to calculate your PMO’s Return On Investment (ROI)

  8. How to monitor your PMO ‘sPerformance.


  1. A group knows more than the single most experienced expert and the PMO-CP is a result of this process: more than 100 professionals collaboratively developed the PMO Value Ring Methodology

  2. Starting point for the PMO Value Ring is a bench marking database build around 26 potential PMO functions and 30 potential benefits which includes recommendations and action plans

  3. It will help you with the creation, revision and operation of your PMO

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