Our Expertise

Our know-how is PMO. We deliver integrated solutions to create portfolio, program and project management efficiency.

Our seven pillars of expertise are aligned with our business framework,  which include:


 1- Leadership

We lead teams and business professionals, coaching them on creating innovation and providing experimental work. Our role here is to expose professionals to various scenarios, allowing them to be aware of varying environmental and industrial factors which will teach and empower them.

2- Governance and business process development

To deliver an integrated solution, we must understand the overall business processes. We have the knack to examine the overall business and identify its logic to establish a well-suited governance and process framework to work within. We then set up measures to ensure a business adheres to these processes.

3- Enterprise systems and technology

Our technology and systems team speak your language to create an integrated systems platform. We establish an enterprise project management system aligned to your methodologies and processes.

4- Portfolio/program management

As certified and experienced practitioners within the portfolio, program and project management space, we are actively involved in local and international project management communities and institutes. We have delivered speeches, workshops and case studies to foreign delegates, local and international institutions and across different industries

5- Data analysis and reporting

Through our detailed analytics and insight, we are able to assess and rationalise information to help upper management and decision makers create sound conclusions based on our thorough research.

6- Training

Our trainers are qualified practitioners who educate professionals throughout the course of a program. We develop bespoke courses for each business to directly target their organisations individual requirements.   

7- Mentoring

We are experts in coaching and mentoring, which are the key PMO competencies. We are well-versed in mentoring your team to coordinate and collate various business activities to deliver your set message and objectives.