PMO Solutions offers outsourced expertise to find the right PMO service for your specific organisation. We provide expertise and resources by understanding your business expectations along with the organisation’s culture and business objectives.

This line of service helps businesses that need PMO but do not have the internal capability or budget to staff a full time PMO employee. This is a cost-effective way to ensure successful requirement management, project delivery and benefit realisation.

Our PMO operation and execution services includes :

  1. Value definition, prioritisation and planning

  2. Requirement management and elicitation

  3. Organisational Change & innovation management

  4. Portfolio, program and project reporting and analysis

  5. Portfolio, program and project resource and demand management

  6. Portfolio, program and project forecast and cost management

  7. Portfolio, program and project management process improvement

  8. Portfolio, program and project management facilitation and support

  9. Portfolio, program and project issue and risk management

  10. Portfolio, Program and project procurement management


Our PMO operation and execution services provide you these measurable benefits:

  1. We complete your PMO tasks more effectively and within a rapid pace and higher quality output.

  2. We reduce the cost of setting up and managing a PMO

  3. We reduce your PMO operational and recruitment cost

  4. We provide you with access to skilled PMO resources and take care of the resourcing needs with our pool of highly skilled PMO resources

  5. Improve PPM tool useability and reliability with our comprehensive systems and tools expertise


Our operation and execution service delivery is based on our PMO framework which helps to cover all aspects of your need. 

 Our method is focusing on the key problems and engaging with your business stakeholders to identify the problems, then establish solutions outputst. We manage your PMO by using Agile techniques and principles : 

  1. Our key priority is to satisfy you through early and continuous delivery of PMO services

  2. We welcome changing and innovative requirements

  3. Deliver quick-wins frequently, within a couple of weeks to months depending on line of the service

  4. We work with you on a daily basis throughout the service delivery

  5. We deliver with transparency and education by providing your team with the environment and support they need to lead and get the job done.

  6. We convey information to and within a operational team via the most effective and efficient method based on your organisation culture

  7. We pay continuous attention to service excellence, quality of service and simplicity

  8. In regular intervals, we service the delivery team and reflect on how to become more effective, we subsequently adjust our behaviour or outputs accordingly

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