Enabling Excellence

At PMO Solutions, our goal is facilitate and bridge your businesses gaps.

New, well established or rapidly growing company can all become entangled in complex systems or process landscapes when delivering a project.

These furrowed systems usually foster isolated project management methodologies, processes and tools. When a company begins to establish these siloes seven primary issues emerge and ultimately hinder a businesses growth, these include:

  1. Employee productivity
  2. Informal knowledge management dependency by individuals
  3. Lack of real time visibility on a projects status   
  4. Increased client churn
  5. Lack of information reliability
  6. Gaps between objectives and deliverables
  7. Complexities and cost

Our solutions framework

Our PMO framework is:

  1. Clear: We establish a transparent framework with minimal jargon. Our platform is easy to use in establishing a PMO, operating the PMO, managing it amongst stakeholders, handling its requirements and implementing a solution.
  2. Versatile : Our PMO framework is applicable to all type of businesses. It allows a company to analyse issues from different perspectives and manage solutions scope. It provides a comprehensive view of PMO's services and solutions.
  3. Comprehensive: Our PMO framework provides entirely across solution analytics and its categories. Our tailored framework easily identifies the gaps between different business categories and allows us to develop a solution to fill your gaps.
  4. Adaptable: Our framework is applicable to any type of businesses. It provides value measurement scopes for any solution. and connects the different parts of the business, bringing them to the same page. It is flexible and adjustable to various phases a business is at and can be used as a decision making foundation.
  5. Unique: Although our framework is simple, it Is unique. We have applied and tested this on different companies, resulting in integrated solutions implementation that have businesses saved money and time.